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I have had a stack of people recently ask me "where are yooou?!"

And here is the answer: I have been buried in my learing-how-to-be-a-primary-school-teacher studies and exams. And I am pretty sure you are giving me that same confused stare I get from most people when I say that - like, why on earth are you studying to be a teacher?!?! I am pretty much past the student stage I guess, but I really wanted to do it, so I did.

When I left school I really wanted to go into the medical field, my dream was to be a dietician or homeopath, but neither of them were ally feasible at the time. Growing up in a home with 5 other siblings meant my parents had to be quite careful with their money and going to University just didn't fit into that budget! So instead I fiddled around with a Clinical Nutrition course (kind of mashing the two into one), but I found all those medical terms VERY hard to understand on my own. Besides that fact, I would never feel confident enough in my ability, to give health advice when my knowledge and practical experience was soooo lacking, so I kind of gave it up. And that was the end of my studies.

Then there was a really rushed in between time where I met the man of my dreams, started a new job, moved to a new city, got married and became a wife. Phew, it was a lot of adjusting (took a few years!) before I was in a routine and things became 'usual' for me, which allowed me to look beyond my present circumstances. If you know me, you would also know that I love to be busy. Whether it is a new project or craft or hobby, I love to full my time with something meaningful, so I thought this was the time to buckle down and study. Being a teacher had always lurked in the back of my mind, I had assisted in a primary school for two years after school and I really enjoyed it, I actually don't know why I just didn't do it sooner. So I made the decision to JUST DO IT. Nike would have been proud. So that is where I am now. In the second year of my studies and just keeping afloat in it all. I guess it would be much easier if I were a full time student and I could just study all day, but I am not. Besides trying to cram information into my tired brain in the evenings, I am actually enjoying it. I am even getting some of that medical/diet related stuff in as well, yip, teaching is not just about teaching :)

So just in case you were interested in why I have been so awol over the last few weeks, here is why...

Part of my Early Childhood Teaching Degree entails doing a 6 week practical each year in the appropriate grade or age groups, this year I had to do art lessons with 000 and 00 classes. I went to an amazing preschool called The Birches, it is just up the road from me. I totally, totally loved it and if I ever do end up teaching, I would loved to work there.

It is a gorgeous school and the teachers genuinely care and love the kiddies.

I had to do 9 art lessons in total with the kids and I had such a ball thinking them up. I think Pinterest is such an amazing resource and I was never more grateful for it (you can check out my 'teaching board' here!) The amount of cool ideas there would make your head spin (and perhaps even keep you awake at night).

The one lesson I did was making monsters out of boxes, you know, the friendly type of monster! Two of the little boys got really creative and made monster eyes. They were quite indignant when someone called them googley eyes which made me burst out laughing! I really enjoyed seeing them enjoy the lessons, it made me wish I was a teacher already.

These kids really crept into my heart and I just loved every moment of it. It was kind of a downer going back to my desk job, but I know I am needed at my work so it makes it ok! Speaking of being needed, I have decided to offer my graphic design services to my fellow bloggers. I have helped one or two bloggers out with their designs and have learnt quite a few cool tricks and tips while I have been at it. So if you are looking at a blog re-design or even just a few buttons or blog elements, drop me a mail!

And last but not least, I have a new hobby! Yip, like I am not busy enough! I have started making custom charms, the baking kind! Here are a few that I have made:

And that's it. I have never really done one of these posts, you know, other then a baking post, so in hope you enjoyed it and weren't half asleep by the time you got to the end :)

See you next week for some baking!


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