2015 Year Planner - Free Printable

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Well hello there 2015. We are already in the *ahem* second month of the year and here I am making a year planner. Yep - I am super organised.

Anyhoo - if you are a bit of a loskop like me, and want to try  be a bit more on the ball, you can download my free printable year planner here. I printed mine out onto A3 light weight card (160g eltoro white to be exact .... because I'm fancy like that), but you can print it onto any paper you like. The offical size of the document is A4, but you can scale it to any size paper by clicking the [scale to fit paper] option in Adobe Reader.

Your welcome!


P.s - perhaps if I can get my act together this year it may promise some sweets and treats. 

P.s.s - I have recently made the switch to Paleo style eating. Long story short I am trying with all my strength to combat my PCOS, so if you have any tips or good resources I would love it if you pointed me in the right direction.

Over and out.

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