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Candy Land Party
December 2012

I made this Candy Land cake a while ago for my special friend Megan.

She had a 21st Birthday Party that I am sure will NEVER be forgotten by those who attended! It was AMAZING! There were bowls and buckets of sweets everywhere. It was just fantastic!

When Megs asked me to make her cake, I have got to admit, I was kind of nervous! I mean a 21st cake is kind of a big deal! But she convinced me to give it a try :) and I think we were both pleased with the results!

I made her using my this chocolate cake recipe (minus the oreos) and iced it with my fav vanilla buttercream icing (recipe below).

I also made some matching cupcakes using my chocolate mayo cupcakes recipe.

See those cute little cupcake toppers? I made some generic ones for you!  If you are planning on having a candy land party, just download them using the links below!

You can also use them for cake pop tags, just punch two holes in them, one on the top and one on the bottom.

Download the printables here:

Candy Land Cake Toppers
These can be cut out with a 2"fluted or round punch

Candy Land Big Cake Toppers

Candy Land Invites

Monster Party Printables 
June 2012

A while back I was asked by one of my friends to make a cake for her GORGEOUS little boy who was celebrating his first birthday! I was super excited when she said it was a blue and green monster theme! She gave me a picture of one of Bakerella's Pop Stars who had made a similar cake in orange with cake pop eye balls - so I went our straight away and purchased a grass nozzle! The cake turned out really swell, and was easier then you would imagine (after I got the technique right)!

I think its the sweetest theme ever! I have uploaded printable pdf's in A4 (ready to print out on a regular printer), download them here:

Monster Cupcake Flag Topper
Monster Invite