Decadent Chocolate Brownies

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I just cant help it. I really do love chocolate. Chocolate seems to make everything better - and HEAPS of chocolate just seems to make everything divine! Some things are just out of our control!

SO when one has heaps of chocolate and piles of pecan nuts, what choice does one have other than to add some extra ingredients and bake some decadent, dark, delicious, divine (ok, ok...) chocolate brownies

These are really perfect - very chocolatey, crusty on the outside, gooey on the inside...ooooohhhhh!

Side Note:

Lining Tins
I know, I know - who lines their tins ever! That is exactly what I used to think. Too much extra effort...
But when I tried it after getting these nice tins from my gran, i was sold! It makes getting the cake out of the tin sooooo much easier, and there are no more tears (from me, late at night, before a birthday party cake delivery the next morning) because my cake has torn down the middle...
Moral of this side note... LINE YOUR TINS!

SO, back to the brownies

All you do is: Melt some butter, sugar and vanilla essence on a low heat...

 ...add some cocoa...

....lightly beat some eggs, mix with the buttery-cocoa mixture. Since I am still waiting for my Kenwood mixer to be fixed, I was super pleased i could mix this with my hand whisk (oh how I miss my Kenwood). Add some flour and mix well....

Then add the nuts and chocolate chunks and pour into lined 22cm tins (I used 20cm tins, and I am certain that a larger tin would be better!)...

... pop them into the oven for 30 min (the recipe says 35-40 min, but I almost always check on my baked goods 5 minutes before the recommended time, I have a theory, if the cake tester, in my case a knife, comes out clean, the cake is over cooked - this keeps the cakes/cupcakes/brownies moist)

I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them into little heart brownies (which I plan to do something special with this space!)

I have always thought the hardest part about about any baking project is the clean up...

But these were totally worth it!

Down load the recipe card here:
 Decadent Chocolate Brownie Recipe Card

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