Brownie Tiramisu

Part 2 of the brownie project:

I had bought some mascarpone cheese and cream to make Shane some Mozart Cake, but without my Kenwood (which is now fixed :) ) it was impossible. So with the need to use them up before they went bad and with a combination of these ingredients, what choice did I have?

This was a first time for me, I had always thought of making tiramisu, but never got around to it, so I checked it up on Joy Of Baking (fantastic site, all their recipes are tried and tested)...

*Isn't today's technology awesome :) *

First I made the custard stuff, then soaked the biscuits, then did the assembling part...this is where I added my twist to the tiramisu... I added a layer of crumbled brownies!

After all this assembling - I left it to set over night hoping that the next day it would be nice and firm, but when I took it out of the container, it stood for about 2 minutes before slowly sliding apart...

I am not sure what went wrong that made the custard part too thin, I am pretty sure I followed the recipe exactly (except for the rum, which I left out), but you never really know...

I was still divine! The brownies added a totally new level to an already awesome dessert!

I will definitely try this again, more carefully next time!

Find the tiramisu recipe here:
Joy of  Baking

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