Festive Ice Cream

Wow, holidays are over and its back to the normal life for me! I had an awesome holiday at my sisters farm just outside of Joberg. It was so wonderful there I almost never came home! Thanks for being patient with me while I was away!

I know that the festive season has gone and New Years Resolutions don't permit such things as ice cream...BUT I really have to share this! At most meals with my whole family, we do a bring and share, and I mostly make this ice cream, its simple enough to do on a Friday night and take the very next day for everyone to enjoy. I have been asked SO many times for the recipe (if you can call it that), so here it is. This is even more divine if you make home made ice cream, but a good quality shop bought one is perfect!

As I said, is so simple: 5 ingredients mixed togther to make a heavenly combo! Ice cream, chopped chocolate, chopped pecan nuts, glace cherries and caramel treat.

Mix it all togther....

And there you have a really really yummy pudding!

I usually make a 5litre tub of ice cream and just freeze the left overs (if there are any)  to enjoy later.

P.s - the quantities in the recipe card are for hard core sweet toothers, you can tone it down by adding less of the "goodies".

Download the recipe card here:
Festive Ice Cream

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