Blueberry, Banana and Apple Bran Muffins

I often get asked where I find the time to bake. I work a full time job from 7.30 to 5.00, am as involved in my Church Fellowship as possible and still have to find time to clean my house and cook healthy meals - BUT I still manage to squeeze in time to bake! You can always find the time for the things you love! :) I love baking from scratch (I think it ALWAYS tastes better!) but having said that - I do stock a couple of Snowflaks Easy Mixes in my cupboard. They are divine and wonderfully easy! They (thankfully) have a couple of  mixes like pancakes, flapjacks, variety of muffins, waffles etc. These are their Bran Muffins. All it takes is some oil, milk and eggs and you have a basic canvas on which to get creative! All the taste with very little effort!

I made up two packets worth of mixture and made up 3 batches of different flavoured muffins by adding bits and pieces to them. I added a cup of fresh blueberries to one, 1 1/2 mashed banana and pecan nuts to another and tinned apple and cinnamon to the last one.

and sprinkled soem chopped pecan nuts to the top - it just adds that bit of crunch!

To save on clean up time (which is most of the effort of baking) I like baking them in muffin holders - plus they just seem to look nicer in the holders when serving them...

They make such nice lunches! I usually bake them, eat some (ok! maybe more then some!) and pack the rest into Ziploc bags and freeze them so I have already prepared luch for those busy (or lazy) mornings!

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