Chocolate Kit-Kat Ice Cream

You want to know something strange? Ok..did you know that Kit Kit holds the Guinness World Record for the chocolate bar with the greatest number of variants (2013). Want to know how many varieties there are? 120! Yip - and those include cucumber, wasabi, watermelon and salt. Wow hey!!! I can totally understand why people make so many varieties (ok - maybe NOT why they made a cucumber flavourthough?!?!). Kit Kats are pretty awesome. That is what inspired this...

I am not sure if I told you , but I recently acquired an ice cream maker through an exercise rewards programme. Don't ask. Anyhoo, I ADORE it. If you are on the edge of making the decision of buying or not buying an ice cream maker - I say BUY one. I am so pleased with mine. I bought a Krups GSV1 - its nice because I can store the bowl in the freezer and when I feel the urge to eat ice cream I can whip up a batch in half an hour. Pretty snazzy if you ask me!

As far as ingredients go, they are pretty simple! To make roughly 1.5 litres I use 250ml heavy cream, 500ml milk, 3/4 cup cocoa and a little boiling water, and 1/2 cup of white sugar and what ever extras I feel NEEDS to go into the mix. According to my absolute-ice-cream-hero - David Lebovitz, ice cream that uses eggs to make a custard based ice cream are far more tastier then the plain milk variety, so just keep that in mind. I however try and skip the use of eggs where I can - they are not my favourite when it came to texture and flavour. This recipe has gotten me thinking more and more about trying an egg based ice cream - so watch this space!

Woah - I just got so side tracked - back to the ice cream making!

I used 3 of the 120 flavours of Kit kat - milk, dark and white - just for a treat. I chopped it up into good sized chunks and then set it aside. Then I prepared the cocoa mixture.

To make the cocoa mixture, I mixed 3/4 cup cocoa with as much boiling water as I needed to make a loose, smooth paste. I then added this to a bowl that I hada mix of the milk, cream and sugar.

Once all of this is mixed up - it needs to chill. I mean really chill. Like for the afternoon.

Once its chilled its time to get churning - no not you! - your ice cream maker!

You have to have everything ready and waiting so when you get the bowl out of the freezer you are raring to go. You also have to have the machine already running and churning so when you pour the mixture into the bowl it doesn't freeze in clumps as it hits the ice cold bowl.

After 25 minutes of churning - this is what I got. EEEEEPPPPP!!!!

Now for the good part - dumping all that chocolate into this!

After it got all mixed it, I popped it into a loaf pan and popped it into the freezer to harden slightly.

And then it was time to enjoy! Yey!

Easy as, er, ice cream I guess!

Good enough to eat for breakfast!

Chocolate Kit Kat Ice Cream Printable

250ml heavy cream
500ml milk (you can use 2%)
3/4 cup cocoa and enough boiling water to make a smooth paste
1/2 cup sugar

make a paste with the cocoa and water
mix all the ingredients together and chill
once chilled place in your ice cream maker and make according your ice cream makers instructions

once ice cream is churned add:

3 bars of chopped up kit kat

and mix together before popping into freezer to harden.

Enjoy!    (c) 2013 Heidi Hawyes

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