Melt-in-your-mouth Vanilla Fudge

Life is short. Have you ever contemplated that fact? I have always had it in the back of my mind, my mortality lurking there, but recently a few events have made it glaringly obvious. Not that I want to go into all the morbid details, but I really just wanted to share how precious our lives are. How lucky we are to be well, alive and fortunate enough to have all that we do. I really just want you take a second to think about that. About all you have. Not about what you want or what you don't have, just about ALL you DO have - and then be thankful for it. Annnnnd after all that heavy thought, here is what you came for....

 This fudge is really yummy. Have you ever had American Fudge Factory fudge? It has a firm dreamy outer layer and a creamy soft inner centre - all a product of their famous fudge making method. I have watched them fudging away before, it's a pretty awesome process. They make the thick, hot, sugary mixture in a big copper pot, then they pour it onto a massive marble slab where they almost churn it with a big wooden spoon/paddle type thing. This whole process adds a hang of a lot of air to the fudge, which makes it super dooper creamy. They then add all those wonderful flavours (gotta say, the milo and the milky bar are my ultimate flavours!!!!) and leave them to set in a nice, thick bar. It's amazing fudge, if you have never had any - seriously - go and find a store and buy some. Their slogan is 'flippin good fudge' and they aren't lying!

So when I cam across this recipe in my latest IDEAS magazine, I was absorbed. I mean that. I could not stop thinking about this fudge. I guess it was the liquid glucose that caught my attention. It's the one ingredient that I have never added to my fudge, and it's the one ingredient that I could imagine giving that super soft and dreamy centre to fudge. So I gave it a try.

And it turned out fantastically. I didn't follow their exact instructions, I cooked it longer then they instructed and I added vanilla bean seeds instead of vanilla essence. Hmmm - come to think of it, I also beat it with my electric hand whisk so that it would be super creamy. And it worked. SO. WELL.

So go and check their fudge out here. I can imagine this would make a really sweet sauce too if you shortened the cooking time. Excuse the pun!


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