By any chance, does clean, natural living appeal to you? And are you a fan of family time, delicious snacks and cute dogs? If you answered YES, then you and I will get along quite well!

Hi, I'm Heidi and this is my space where I share my personal experiences in my journey to find the balance in seeking God, living naturally, navigating through PCOS and infertility, running my home-based design studio and looking after my husband and furbaby. I may also throw in some of the quirks of living in Durban, South Africa and share some great local finds that have bought me joy.

When scrolling through these pages you will notice the transition from sweet treats and baked goods to healthier recipes. I started this blog in 2011to share my passion and love for baking and photography and took a break a few years later after doing my first Whole30 to try and lessen the effects of PCOS. After this, I battled to get back into baking and blogging again as my core beliefs on health had taken a swing. Sugar-laden, gluten-filled treats had been replaced by coconut milk and chia pots and other grain-free paleo snacks. At the same time, I became concerned about certain ingredients in my everyday cosmetics, skincare and cleaning products and began to research cost-effective, everyday alternatives. This is when I came across essential oils, and you can read my oil journey here.

I would love to say I am a minimalistic, health-eating, natural-living gal - but life happens. Balance brings joy, and Jesus brings peace - and I love both.

Chat soon,


If you come across a helpful post, recipe or photo here I would appreciate it if you could ask permission before sharing it. The photos you see here are all my own (unless stated) and I have taken time to capture, edit and share them with you. Please check with me before you share or use them.

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