Pecan Nut Pie

Ok, so i know it is hasty posting again so soon, but i had prepared this ages ago (note my working Kenwood mixer) so here it goes....

I really (heart) pecan nut pie! It is one of my all time favorites as well as being a really classic dessert. This is one of my grans recipes - one that all my sisters have in their recipe files, and have probably never made it...tsk tsk (just kidding guys)

The base was pretty easy to make, the recipe calls for you to make, chill for an hour, roll it and then blind bake it, but I just mixed it, pressed it, baked it (no beans or beads :) ) for about 10 min and then poured my pecan nut pie mixture into it. NO FUSS! It turned out really good!

After pouring in the pie mixture, I baked for a couple minutes so that the nuts on top could be arranged in a circular pattern without sinking to the bottom.

I covered the top of the pie with some foil so that it would turn out nice and brown, but not too brown.

It was DIVINE, with dollops of cream!

To download the recipe card: Pecan Nut Pie Card

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