Peppermint Crisp Dessert

Saturday 24th September was Heritage Day. What a bummer to have a public holiday on a Saturday! We did, however, make the most of it! Saturday started out so sunny and warm, but by the time we had hauled out the braai and some juicy t-bone steaks, the rain was not only pelting down but practically coming right through our front door (yes we do have a verandah!). But we did enjoy our t-bone and honey glazed rashers.... :)

Any hoo, as part of the mini celebration, I decided to make a typical *delicious* SA dessert...

Peppermint Crisp Tart,
Totally Divine.
Just Plain Yummy.
And so easy to make!

It needs four items...

- Tennis Biscuits (these mini ones were just too cute!)
- Fresh Whipped Cream
- Caramel Treat (I still maintain the best version of this is a tin of condensed milk boiled in a pot of water for
  2 hours, but for the sake of convience, I used the ready made version)
- Mint Chocolate

And in 5 easy steps...

....crush the biscuits...

...whip the cream...
...mix half the cream with the caramel until smooth...
...chop the chocolate... (I added peppermint crisp bars too for some extra 'greeness')

...layer the 4 ingredients...

...And VOILA!

The layering doesn't have to happen in any particular order. If you are using glasses to serve this as a dessert, the easiest way to ensure the layers are defined, pipe the cream and caramel into the glasses instead of spooning it.

This is a VERY impressive dessert that only took 30min to make!

To make it look super impressive, add some cherries to the top!

Download the Recipe Card:
Peppermint Crisp Recipe Card

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