Christmas Mince Pies

 I love this time of year. Christmas time. I love it because it is such a 'giving' time, we give food and gifts and time to each other and it reminds me of how much a appreciate all my family and friends. It is also a time to remember that God, the creator of the universe, GAVE his only son to us - that through Him, we can have eternal life. This is the greatest gift of all. This is the gift that is the most precious. Every day of the year I have a hope and real life, I have meaning! Thank you Lord!

I don't think that Christmas celebrations can happen properly without REAL Christmas fair...hence, I tried out some mince pies for our Christmas celebrations, which i am REALLY looking forward to! They were VERY easy to make from scratch - no rolling - just pressing and grating.

and filling...

and baking...

Seriously, it was that easy. They are not as daunting as they seem in your head, nor do they take hours to make, more like minutes! And I am sure once you have tasted their sugary melt in your mouth deliciousness, you will NEVER buy those tasteless shop bought ones again, EVER (I clearly have nothing against them :) )

These make really thoughtful gifts too!

Download the recipe card here:


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