Carrot Cake

Wow! What a whirlwind of 2 weeks has just gone past, while everyone else I know has been calmly preparing for Christmas, my family has been frantically preparing for my baby sisters wedding...and yesterday the BIG day finally arrived. It was amazingly special! Hazel had made a fairytale picnic wedding! Congratulations to Howard and Hazel Wain :) I know you guys will have a very special marriage!

A while back Haz asked me to ice her wedding cake. I almost fainted! I love to bake, really I do, but a wedding cake is something really really special, and has to be perfect. I mulled over what to do for days...and days...and had a couple panic attacks along the way...BUT then Amanda from I am Baker saved me! I remembered this Rose Cake that she has made a while back, I LOVED it (along with ALL her other cakes), so I checked through her tutorial, got inspired, and hauled out some ingredients to make a trial cake so I could get my frosting on!

The ingredient list is pretty short, and no big mixer is involved. So it's really just mixing the dry ingredients, making a well in the centre, adding the lightly beaten wet ingredients and finally adding the ingredients that make this cake a carrot cake - the grated carrot, pecan nuts and the crushed pineapple.

Stir, stir, stir and pop it into a moderate oven. They were nice and moist and held together wonderfully!

For the icing I used I am Bakers best cream cheese frosting, which turned out amazing!

 It was so smooth and tasty and  it was a nice consistancy for piping which, in this case, was essential! First i did a crumb coat and made sure the entire cake was covered!

Then I used a star shaped nozzel to pipe the roses on.

Since it was a practise cake, I wasnt too finatic about getting the roses neat and perfect...

But both Haz and I were pleased with the end result of the exercise!

The combo of the two - cake and cream cheese icing was very nice! The icing was perfect and held wonderfully in our Durban heat for about 3 days (I had to test it to the max!)

The actucal wedding cake turned out beautiful and I iced some cupcakes too with some light green cream cheese frosting, they were also beautiful! I will post them when I get some ( I totally forgot to get a picture of them!Shocking!)

Check here for the Cream Cheese Frosting

Download the recipe card for the Carrot Cake

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