Three Cheese Muffins

Lunches for Shane are always a challenge. I am not always a morning person (ok, ok, so most of the time) so I like to be prepared for the 6am rush to be ready for 6.30am when Shane wizzes out of the door for work! So I love easy, ready prepared lunch that I can just pop into his cooler bag! I think these make a nice healthyish lunch that works for me!

And they were so super easy! Almost no effort...almost...

Just a couple staple ingredients and cheddar cheese, mozerella, feta cheese and bacon bits...

Mix it all up and spoon into prepared muffin pans...

Once baked, enjoy with a bit of butter! Yum!

 These freeze so well too, which is what I usually do!

 If you have any easy luch ideas, please be sure to post them in a comment here! I love new ideas!

Download the recipe card here:
Three Cheese Muffins

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