Vanilla Funfetti Cake

My sweet little niece recently celebrated her 7th birthday. Her name is Caity, and she is one of the most creative thinking kids I know. I had offered to make a cake for her birthday and her mom snapped up the offer, its always so much easier to organise a party without worrying about the cake! Caity ordered a mermaid cake - rainbow style! Phew, tall order! So I decided to go all 'out of the box' on her and put the rainbow inside the cake!

I made my most delicious, moistest vanilla cake recipe and turned it into a funfetti cake by adding rainbow sprinkles. First I creamed the butter and sugar really well until it was seriously light and fluffy! Then added the eggs one by one and mixed really well too, the more air you can beat in, the lighter and fluffier the cake will turn out! Then added some flour and milk alternatively and a dash of vanilla essence. Then its party time...

Funfetti cake is just that, fun! So I added a ton of sprinkles, I have no record of how many (cups wise, no way to count 100's and 1000's hee hee!) They are VERY sweet, so if you try this, just add enough to give it colour - unless you like a sickly sweet cake!

Make sure to mix them until they are evenly scattered in the mixture with a metal spoon. Since it was for a party, and I had no idea how many guests would be there, I made some funfetti cupcakes to match. I made this decision rather late in the whole "cake process", so I just grabbed a box mix of vanilla muffins (not even cupcakes, tsk tsk), mixed them as per the instructions on the box and added some sprinkles to this mixture too.

In no time they were baked and I was ready to start icing the cake and the cupcakes. I was very lucky to have my sweet friend Megan helping me ice the cupcakes. I worked on the cake while Megs worked on the cupcakes.

 It was her first time working with an M1 nozzle and she did a fantastic job! Thanks Megs!

Here is the finished cake, not very smooth, but I was generally happy with it, I did smooth the tail out a bit more after this...

And the finished cupcakes! I had bought some fondant mermaids to stick on top and matching coloured sugar pearls. They looked gorgeous!

And so colourful on the inside! Fit for a little princess!

Here is the birthday girl, blowing out her candles. She was so worried that Barbie's hair would catch alight, she almost pulled her off the cake! So sweet! Happy Birthday Caity!  xoxoxo

If you would like to try this you can download the recipe here:
Vanilla Funfetti Cake

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