Chocmint Icecream

I love the chocolate-mint combo. I will have anything chocmint! From milkshakes to peppermint crisp! Yum! I really enjoyed the recent St Patricks day celebrations! Although we don't celebrate it here, I was so inspired by all the mint goodies! So thanks everyone for sharing them! After spending hours gazing at all those minty treats, I was craving something minty - and quick!

So I whipped up a batch of mint ice cream - without an ice cream maker (yes I would love one, but I would rather have a cupboard full of sprinkles and cake pop goodies - its all about priorities!) Not a hang of a lot goes into this ice cream - but what comes out of the freezer at the end of the day is IMPRESSIVE! Its inspired by a recipe I saw on Kevin&Amanda a while ago. It just takes some heavy whipping cream (just normal whipping cream for us South Africans!), 1 can condensed milk, some chocolate chips and some peppermint essence (and some green food colouring if you like)  Its really simple to whip together (literally - I know Carla is probably laughing her head off now - she appreciates corny jokes)

First I whipped the cream until it was nice and stiff (just before it turns to butter :) ) then I folded in the condensed milk, the mint essence (I used the clear peppermint essence) and a tiny drop of gel food colouring, and mixed it until the colour was evenly distributed.

Then, I added the chocolate chips (I used Cadbury Dark chocolate for this, but I would suggest using ready made chocolate chips rather)

and mixed it all in! Then I popped it into the freezer and about every 30 min (ok, ok, I only remembered to do it twice - it still came out airy and creamy!) I mixed it vigorously with a fork to break up the frozen bits. You can dig in as soon as it has completely frozen.

And that's all there is to it! Simple as that!

If, after reading this, you are craving this yummy treat, here is a printable recipe and a downloadable recipe card for you - although you hardly need it, its so easy to remember! You can make any flavour you like following the basic recipe - I made a butterscotch and vanilla bean ice cream at the same time and both turned out fantastic!

What flavour are you dying to try?

For an AWESOME double chocolate version - check out this post by Carlas Confections

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