Pink and White Choc Chip Cookies

Cookies- not much to say about them, cept they are perfect - in size, in crunchiness, in filling that snack spot...this list could go on. I like cookies in all flavours and sizes, but choc chip are at the top of the pile! I must admit, I have fallen in love with those stunning decorated cookies that Sweetopia and  Sweet Sugar Belle make. I will attempt them one day - but for now I will share my choc chip cookies with you!

  Anything that starts this way has to be good! Soft brown sugar...only one way to describe that...

Yip - that's the word! :) I had seen these pink Smarties (like M&M's) and thought they would make such cute "chips" in some choc chip cookies! They were some special edition thing - I wish I got a couple tubes while they were up for grabs! But I guess the colourful will be just as cute!

In addition to that gorgeous brown sugar, you will need some white sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla essence/extract, baking powder and some chopped pecan nuts (which you can leave out, I did for these ones and added some white chocolate chips instead).

You can use an electric mixer to combine all the ingredients together, but mix in the chocolate chips - in this case smarties and white choc chips - by hand so they don't break up. The pink and white look so pretty together *sigh*

Then place balls of dough onto a prepared cookie sheet. I used an ice cream scoop to measure out even sized balls of dough.

Then these yummy balls of dough get placed on the middle shelf of a 190'C/ 374'F oven, and get baked for about 8-10 minutes or until they turn golden brown. After taking them out of the oven leave them to harden for a couple of minutes on the cookie sheet before taking them off to cool.

The process from start to finish is pretty quick, and there are few dishes to clean making these a real treat!

They are very yummy crumbled into some home-made ice cream!

If you would like to give them a try, you can print the recipe here, or download a recipe card here.

What is your favourite home made cookie?

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