Homemade Caramel Sauce

This picture says more about this sauce then I could ever type! It is all that! Smooth, creamy, vanillary! When I first saw this on Annies Eats, I was smitten. I had one purpose in mind for it - to flavour my coffee! Aaaannnddd I ended up smothering my ice cream with it, dipping cookies in it and spooning it straight out of the jar and into my mouth. Its that good!

Its a fairly easy process, all it taskes is some sugar, cream and vanilla essence (and a vanilla bean if you like). I read Annie's post on it over and over because melting sugar on the stove top kind of freaks me out. But its REALLY not that bad. I also read each of the comments below her post - yes, I was unusually cautious, and I was really glad I was when this happened:

The comments from her readers all said to just KEEP on stirring until the sugar clump melts. So I did! The process from start to finish took me about 30min, and the results were totally worth it! Its super nice stired into a cup of nespresso!

Or just eaten by the spoonful!!! :)

Go and check out the recipe here.
Its totally worth it!

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