Kiwi Crumpets - from scratch!

Its day 10 of the Zespri Blogger challenge today. Only 4 more days of this kiwi kraze, and I honestly have mixed feelings about that. I have really enjoyed making all things bakes and treats, developing new recipes and combos and taking thousands of photographs, but I am feeling a little tired now. I have been working non-stop over the last 10 days having to stuff in this wonderful challenge, my daytime job and UNISA assignments with looming due dates! But I don't really want to bore you with all those sordid details!

I have to say, over the last 10 days I have been pleasantly surprised with the whole kiwi-a-day thing! I love acidic fruits, but my skin does not! If I eat and orange or mango, I have to make sure I wash my face and moisturize straight afterward! I was a little concerned when I first stared this challenge that I may be adversely affected consuming mounds of these pretty little fruit, but it seems that I haven't had any reactions to it yet. The cut, scoop and enjoy method is pretty cool that way, no stray juices! I have seen some other clever bloggers make face masks out of them, and well I have been tempted to try them out, I think I will count my lucky stars that I have had no irritated skin and not tempt fate!

Any hoo! Here is what you are here for :)

There are so many different name for these: american pancakes, crumpets, flapjacks... I am sure that you could give me your own version! But I have always known them as crumpets. And I love them, no matter what they are called!

 I guess its because they are so easy to whip up, and they are so good to eat. Maybe that is a bad thing?!?

They are best cooked on a medium high heat, and when the top starts to bubble, you know its time to turn them over!

I love mine served with butter and syrup!

I was really lucky because the maple syrup you see in this picture is all the way from Canada! I wish I had taken a photo of the bottle, its too cute! It is in the shape of a maple leaf! I just adore sweet things like that! And yip, you may have already guessed where I got it from! Carla has to be one of the sweetest and best bloggers ever! Right now she is making a massive move from Canada to California! Before that she lived in New Zealand (home of the kiwi!!!) ! Boy does she get around! If you are curious to know why she is such a continent hopper, well pop on over to her blog, she has some fantastic tales and photographs of her adventures! SO good luck on your move Carla! 

If you read this post yesterday about the Kiwi Crumble, you will know that I am a new fan of cooked kiwi! It has the most divine tang! It is rather unfortunate that cooking kiwi does destroy some of the nutrients that kiwi is famous for, but I will still do it anyways - because it tastes so good!

Speaking of things that are nice - I am in LOVE with these rainbow pancakes from I am Baker! And yes, I am pro coloring in my food! Its one of those 'unfortunate' things that I will still do ;)

So, in case you want to whip some of these up right away, here is the recipe:

Kiwi Crumpets/Flapjacks/Pancakes :)

Source:Bits of Sunshine Original
Yield: 10-12 crumpets
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: about 10-20 minutes
180ml flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 tablespoon white sugar
a pinch of salt
1 egg
170ml milk
1 tablespoon oil
1 Zespri kiwi, peeled and diced

add all the ingredients, except the kiwi,  to a bowl and whisk until smooth
stir in the kiwi 
drop spoonfuls onto a hot, oiled pan
when you can see bubbles appearing on the surface of the mixture, flip over and cook for 1 minute or so more
enjoy warm with extra fresh kiwi, butter and syrup  (c) Heidi Hawyes

 Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. Zespri has supplied me with the kiwi fruit that were used in this post. I can assure you, all the views are my own! I would not promote a product if I didn't believe in it whole-heartily! The kiwis I received were amazingly firm, and in good condition. They were tasty and wonderful! And I am glad to be part of their Blogger Challenge. Thank you Zespri!

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