Kiwi Frozen Yoghurt

Today is actually day 12 of the Zespri Blogger Challenger, not yesterday :) And that means that after today, there are only two days left! Two days of kiwi fun and facts and two days of kiwi treats! Ah man!

Today I want to introduce you to a sweet and sassy little girl who has a special message for you!

KID Z is the official ambassador of the Zespri Occupy Lunchbox movement for nutritional change and she is passionate about the delicious kiwifruit and healthy eating. She hates a badly packed lunch full of chips and sugary drinks and much prefers her mom packing a balanced lunch break meal. KID Z cannot help but tell everybody about the goodness of kiwifruit - its nutritional properties, it’s great taste and how much fun it is to ‘Cut, Scoop, Enjoy’. Watch out for her in the Zespri Occupy Lunchbox web ads.

I know that a lot of schools are starting to restrict sweets and junk-type food at school, and I think that is a good thing. Our children should learn to love their bodies and respect them by learning what they should put in them! But lets not be too hasty to ban all sweets and treats! Moderation is the key! Too much of one thing is just that..TOO MUCH!

So I made this treat to share with you all today!

This treat is actually semi healthy :) 

I must admit, I used full fat yogurt and added a cup of icing sugar to it, but I think it would still beat a full on ice-cream in health scores. You could make this with a low fat vanilla yogurt with no added sugar if you preferred and it would still turn out great- and would be for real healthy!

 I made this in my ice-cream maker. One of they very best things I have purchased! Its so awesome! I make frozen yogurt regularly, the low fat variety! Its such a nice treat to ward off sweet cravings when you are trying so very hard to loose some extra pounds!

The kiwi adds such a nice sweet and tangy swirl to this! I will be making this again!

If you do not have an ice cream maker, you can still make this yummy frozen treat, it will just turn out a little harder. Just remember to break up the yogurt ice crystals that form every hour and it should help!

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Kiwi and Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Source: Bits of Sunshine Original
Yeild: 1 litre
Prep time: 20 minutes
Freezing time: 12 hours

750ml Full Fat Greek Yogurt
1 cup powdered sugar
dash of vanilla essence
1 kiwi, peeled and pureed

in a bowl, combine the yogurt, sugar and vanilla until smooth
spoon into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the ice cream makers instructions
once frozen, layer in a freezer safe container with the pureed kiwi
pop into freezer and freeze over night


Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. Zespri has supplied me with the kiwi fruit that were used in this post. I can assure you, all the views are my own! I would not promote a product if I didn't believe in it whole-heartily! The kiwis I received were amazingly firm, and in good condition. They were tasty and wonderful! And I am glad to be part of their Blogger Challenge. Thank you Zespri!

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