DIY Rustic Chocolate Truffles

Come and make some chocolate truffles..faa laa laa laa laa, la la la laa!

Hey sweet friend! It has been ages since I have posted, I have tons of news which I promise I will get to in the weeks to come - but in the meantime, have a peek at my latest creation...

Rustic, decadent homemade truffles. Life is good. These require only three base ingredients, a couple of dustings or coatings and in a few easy steps you will be snacking on the gift you had planned to give to your BFF (so maybe you should make an extra batch for yourself!)

 These little balls of delight really are a breeze to make, no double boiler, no scary processes just heated milk, chopped chocolate and a melon baller (or ice cream scoop if you are fancy like that). In fact, these are so simple to make I whipped them up while recovering from knee surgery and hobbling around on crutches...

 I have decided to do something really brave and out of my comfort zone with this post. I have decided to film it and share as a free class on Skillshare. Eeeek. I am even getting get cold feet as I type. I wouldn't be at all offended is you just wanted to read this post and try these yummy treats without giving my class a quick watch, but I would SO appreciate if you would swing by and show your support. I need to get 25 enrollees and at least one premium referral, and while I haven't been around much and mentioning it here may seem iffy - I know this will help me keep my blog going. SO do pop by if you have a chance...

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Decadent Homemade Chocolate Truffles (Print)

Makes: about 20
Time: 30 min plus chilling time 

2/3 Cup Fresh Cream (at least 35g fat per 100ml)
200g Good Quality Chocolate
2 Tablespoons Salted Butter 

Anything your heart desires such as:
Cookie Crumbs
Crushed Whoppers
Chopped Nuts

  1. Roughly chop chocolate and set aside in a heat-proof bowl.
  2. Warm cream and butter over a moderate heat until butter is melted and cream begins to boil.
  3. Pour hot cream and butter over the chocolate and stir vigorously until the chocolate has melted and is glossy.
  4. Place mixture in a shall dish and chill in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes to set up. The mixture should be firm and able to be formed into balls.
  5. Scoop and form the mixture into little balls with a melon baller or small ice-cream scoop.
  6. Dust and coat the balls with your choice of dustings.
  7. Serve room at temperature but store in the refrigerator.

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