Chocolate Rolo Ice-cream

Hi there.

I know, its been months. I have no real reason why. I guess I just needed a break.

But I am back, and fully committed to ensuring that, amidst all the new years resolutions, there is a promise to make something delicious every now and again. Sorry if that messes with your new years resolutions to eat healthier ;)

Summer is in FULL swing here in South AFrica! I think last week has had the hottest day of the season! Phew! So I found a way to cool things down a bit!

This recipe does require an ice-cream maker, but don't despair if you don't own one - just use this no churn chocolate ice-cream recipe from Carla's Confections as your base and you will be A-for-away!

Ok - lets get down to business...

And it starts here - with chocolate of course!

And then it moves onto this (insert heart-eyes face right here!). You can buy it ready-made, or you can make your own caramel treat.

Time for the chocolate ice-cream part.

I guess if you wanted to you could stick a straw in right here and slurp it all up.

Mine, however, did make it into my ice-cream maker.

And then all the non-ice cream stuff that you have been nibbling on throughout the process get added - if there are any left!

And you get this.

The perfect way to cool down on a HOT summers day. To be frankly honest, I kind of think this is a perfect ANYTIME snack, but then again, I am a 'sweet' blogger and I feel that it is OK to eat cake for breakfast!

 Chocolate Rolo Ice-cream Printable Recipe

Source: Bits of Sunshine Original
Yield: 1.5 liters
Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Freezing Time: 30min

1/2 - 3/4 cup cocoa (depending on taste, 3/4 cup makes a dark chocolate version)
3/4 cup icing sugar
dash of vanilla essence
125ml boiling water
1 cup full fat milk
2 cups full fat cream
1 tin caramel treat
1 cup Rolos

Make a paste using the cocoa, icing sugar and boiling water
With a hand whisk, mix the chocolate paste, vanilla, cream and milk together
Pop into the fridge and let it cool completely.
Once cool, freeze according to your ice-cream maker's directions
When the ice-cream reaches the 'soft-serve' stage, create layers of ice-cream, caramel and rolos it in a freezer safe dish.
Once all the layers are done, make an S swirls through it all with a butter knife.
Add some caramel and Rolos to the top of the ice-cream for effect. (c) Heidi Hawyes

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