Alright, I am just going to say this straight out: I made these from a packet mix. There I said it! I am a big believer in baking from scratch and love to bake from scratch. I hardly ever use box or packet mixes, but I seem to make an exception when it comes to pancakes, flapjacks and bran muffins. They just seem so much easier when you are in that blurry-eyed Sunday morning state! I included a recipe for flapjacks from scratch (that is actually just as easy as the packet mix) at the end of the post for those who would like to try them from scratch.

I love flapjacks because they take very little time, and they are a nice break from bacon and eggs once in a while. I must admit, I love to eat sweet things for breakfast - I would even enjoy brownies and ice cream, but Shane prefers more realistic breakfasts, so I do try and keep within the breakfast category :)

Flapjacks from a packet are a no-brainer, and from scratch they only require one or two extra steps. But on a whole, they are both very simple.

For these, I made the basic batter and divided it into three bowls, to which I added to some fresh blueberries to one, some dried cranberries to the second and to the last, I added some mashed banana.

Then I dropped spoonfuls into a hot non stick pan. When the flapjacks start to bubble on the upper side, you'll know they are ready to turn. Flip them over and cook for a couple of seconds for this side to brown.

After that - they are open to your own creativity! I like to stack a few of each flavour, with a bit of butter and syrup in between each one, and then top the stack with some more butter and drizzle syrup over the top! Yum.

Ok, so as easy as they are, they are more effort than just a plain old cereal breakfast - but I think they are a wonderful start to a week end morning! In fact, they are an awesome anytime treat!!!

Here is the printable recipe for the Flapjacks from scratch as promised, and here is the downloadable recipe card. Its just the basic batter recipe, you can add anything that tickles your fancy! :)

What is your typical week end breakfast?

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