Marshmallow Chip Cookies

There is something very satisfying about having a batch of home made cookies in your cookie jar! I must admit, I am almost always on "diet" so I try and give my baked goods away as soon as possible so I don't scoff them all - but I really like the idea of having a "stock"* of baked goods in my grocery cupboard :) These are very similar to the white & pink chocolate chip cookies I made recently  - the basic recipe is my favourite chocolate chip base recipe, its got the perfect balance of cruchiness and chewiness (if that even makes sense!) 

* I ended up giving these away to save myself getting a new pair of bigger jeans :)

I used my stand mixer to mix the basic ingredients together (whatever is easiest usually works best for me!) and then I mixed in the white choc chips (you can use any colour you like) and some very cute and colourful mini marshmallows I found, by hand.

When the marshmallows and chocolate chips were evenly mixed in the cookie dough, I prepared my baking sheet (which I should have done in the beginning!) and used a cookie scoop to make evenly (clearly these were very even cookies ;) ) sized  balls of cookie dough to drop onto the baking sheet.

Then the tray got popped into a pre heated oven, and baked until golden brown (about 9 min). After taking them out if the oven, I left them to harden up a bit before I took them off the baking tray to cool.

And that's it! Easy peasy! I guess that you could add whatever you like and make these your own using the simple cookie dough, having said that: WHAT WOULD YOU TRY/ADD?!

 Here is a printable recipe and a downloadable recipe card for your folder

Marshmallow Chip Cookies

550ml all purpose flour          500ml chocolate chips
250ml brown sugar               250ml chopped nuts
180ml white sugar                5ml baking powder
250g softened butter            5ml vanilla extract
2 eggs                                5ml salt
  •     Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius.
  •     In a small bowl combine flour, baking powder and salt.
  •     In a large bowl combine butter, brown and white sugar and     vanilla extract and mix well.
  •     Add eggs and mix well.
  •     Gradually add flour and mix well
  •     Stir in chocolate chips and nuts.
  •     Drop spoonfuls onto a greased cookie sheet.
  •     Bake for 8-10 minutes until golden brown.


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