Kiwi and Lime Spritzer


Saturday! Wooo Hooo!!!! Happy week end everyone!

I hope you are all relaxing and having a good one! And on this, the 13th, and second-to-last day of the Zespri Kiwi Blogger Challenge - I have this very refreshing drink to share with you - because you deserve it!

I love that kiwi can be used in SO many different drinks! I chose this Kiwi and Lime because I tend to always take the quicker, easy route to most things, and this is just so simple to make- yet delicious!

Doesn't take much to make! Just some pureed kiwi, some Roses Lime Cordial and some Sprite.

And they all just get mixed together and VOILA!

So sit back, relax, sip and enjoy!

P.s - today is the second to last day to enter the Zespri hamper sure to leave a comment on this post to enter! For extra chances to win, hop on over to these blogs tomorrow! They all have a hamper to giveaway too!

Kiwi and Lime Spritzer

Source: Bits of Sunshine original
Prep time: 10 minutes

300ml Sprite
30ml Roses Lime Cordial
1/2 kiwi pureed

mix the sprite and lime cordial in a glass
add the kiwi and stir
pop a mini umbrella in the glass
sit down, put feet and enjoy!

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post. Zespri has supplied me with the kiwi fruit that were used in this post. I can assure you, all the views are my own! I would not promote a product if I didn't believe in it whole-heartily! The kiwis I received were amazingly firm, and in good condition. They were tasty and wonderful! And I am glad to be part of their Blogger Challenge. Thank you Zespri!

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